GF HYDROCOLLOID is a leading seaweed-based and plant-based hydrocolloid producer in the PRC. Our hydrocolloid products include agar-agar products, carrageenan products, konjac products, and their respective blended products, which are derived from natural sources and have a seaweed or plant origin. Seaweed-based and plant-based hydrocolloid products are commonly used in food producing and processing industry. In the food production process, hydrocolloid products can enhance the appearance and texture of food, achieve the desired viscosity and mouthfeel, and have the functional properties of gelling and thickening. Hydrocolloid products are used in dairy products, beverages, confectioneries, meat products, jellies, and desserts.

Our business can be traced back to the establishment of Lvbao (Quanzhou) by Mr. CHAN ShuiYip and Mr. CHAN Kam Chung in May 2001 for the production of carrageenan products. The business continued to grow, and Greenfresh (Fujian) was subsequently established in November 2007 with additional production facilities for carrageenan products. In April 2012, Mr. GUO Wentong, Mr. GUO Dongxu, Mr. GUO Yuansuo, and Mr. GUO Donghuang established Lvqi (Fujian) for the commencement of commercial production of agar-agar products and carrageenan products.

In December 2012, the two principal businesses, i.e. the production and sales of carrageenan
products and agar-agar products conducted by Greenfresh (Fujian) (including Lvbao (Quangzhou)) and Lvqi (Fujian), were combined. This business combination was an important corporate event for us, pursuant to which the corporate structure of our Group was gradually established and that resources were allocated to establish different business functions of our Group for the purpose of our business growth and development.